Eagle's Nest

Farm to Table Breakfast Options

Breakfast may be ordered at time of reservation or at least three days before your stay as all items are prepared fresh for each guest's stay. Items will be delivered prior to check-in or on the first night of your stay.
Breakfast will be placed in the refrigerator and ready to serve or ready to microwave reheat the next morning.
Please indicate by number the option(s) you would like. Order by calling or texting Dale at 330.282.2596

1. Greek Yogurt and Sliced Seasonal Berries with a side of granola topping and a two ounce bear of local honey for a drizzle. $8.00 each

2. Four Homemade Biscuits and an 8 ounce bear of local honey and a side of honey butter. $14.00

3. Two Homemade Biscuits and sausage gravy. $8.00

4. Individual serving of spinach quiche - loaded with eggs, spinach, onions, mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese served with a side of fruit (fruit may be a single item i.e.: apple, banana, orange, or a side of seasonal berries - all at baker's choice) $9.00

5. Blueberry French Toast - An 8X8 casserole style French toast filled with blueberries and served with a side of blueberry sauce for topping. Enough to serve four. $16.00

Greene Eagle Blueberry French Toast.jpg
Greene Eagle Spinanch Quiche.jpg
Greene Eagle Homemade biscuits with hone