Thanksgiving at the Winery.

anyone with me?


Reservations are closed for the dinner. You are welcome to stop in for wine, good company and to get warm by the fire and possibly some left over pie!

If you have no place to go this Thanksgiving, consider this.

We will provide traditional Thanksgiving feast for friends and friends to be. Come by yourself or bring family and guests. Either way, be part of the Eagle family.

$25 per person plus tax online or $23 per person plus tax when reserving at winery.

Children 5 - 10, $15 per child plus tax online or $13 per person plus tax when reserving at winery.

Beverages not included.
Reservation required and must be in by 5 pm Nov. 18.

Open at 1:00. Dinner at 1:30
Additional dinners not available day of event.

Turkey & Stuffing
Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Sweet Potatoes
Garden Salad with Bread & Butter
Apple & Pumpkin Pie... YUM!