Red Wines
Sweet to Dry

Blackjack Sweet.jpg

Cabernet with fresh blackberries
Fruity & Sweet

Midnight Embers.jpg

Chocolate Strawberry
The aroma of strawberry

with the finish of chocolate. Sweet


Strawberry Rhubarb fruit wine.
Intense strawberry fruit flavor and slightly tart crisp finish. Sweet


Red Treasure.jpg

Pomegranate blended with Zinfandel and various berries.

Crisp sweet wine with tart finish.


Shiraz grape with multi berry flavored 

full bodied and fruity aromas.

Purple Rain.jpg

The “Englishman’s grape”
A rich 
flavorful wine.
Semi dry.


Blackjack Dry.jpg

Cabernet with fresh blackberries
fruity with a slightly tart zing.
Semi Dry

Velvet Sky.jpg
Sleepy Hollow.jpg

Pinot Noir.
Warm earthy tones with a velvet finish and mild oak.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot blend.
Bold full-bodied, rich in color,

depth and aroma. Dry 

Oak Barrel aged Barolo
“The Wine of Kings”, made from the Nebbiolo grape.
Rich, bold, oaky with a buttery finish.