Psychic Wine & Dine


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Our 13th Psychic Wine & Dine Event will be held at Greene Eagle Winery in Cortland Ohio, with 5 very talented Intuitives.

1- Brenda Miller Brand (bottom left) -
Brenda is a 5th Generation Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master. Brenda is a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient Psychic Medium, and Animal Communicator. She uses psychometry during her readings as well as Tarot cards. Brenda can be heard on the Bonnie Albers show on Blog Talk Radio. Her accuracy and predictive abilities have been confirmed by her clients across the Country. She is founder of Her group is available for paranormal investigations.

2- Chis Dennis (top left) - World renowned Intuitive Medium Chris Dennis has been fluent in the language of spirit for over five years. His abilities have been with him since the age of three. In his teen years he began to explore his psychic talents and the more he read for people, the more his Mediumship kicked into high gear, and the more word spread about his readings. Chris provides amazing evidence from Spirit as he channels messages from the Other Side. Chris has been featured many times in the media, including the front page of the Akron Beacon journal and interviewed by Jim Donovan on WKYC channel 3 news. He has also made several radio appearances practicing his gift all over the world as far as Australia and the UK.

3- Bryan Peters (bottom right) -Bryan Peters is an intuitive herbalist who has extensive knowledge from his grandmother of traditional and folk medicinal skills from the mountains of Appalachia and the Crow nation.
He's also in good standing with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. *Psychic/Medium *Tea Leaf Readings *Herbalist *Reiki Master/Teacher *Access Bars Facilitator *Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner *Access Body Process Practitioner *Angel Ray Practitioner *Talk To The Entities

4-  Ramona Carroll (top right)  - Ramona Carroll is affectionately known as a “Small Medium at Large” by her many friends and clients. Born with the gift to connect with Spirit and Angels, she brings healing energy and light to those who need it. She considers herself a full-impact medium as she often gets messages from departed loved ones in the form of vision, sound, taste, touch, and smells. These aid her in giving accurate information to those needing insight.
Whether it be through her work as a Medium/Clairvoyant to connect with those who have passed, her intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, or any of the many wonderful meditation kits and products she creates, Rev. Ramona Carroll always strives to give insight, clarification, and healing to those that she works with and meets.

5- Melanie Hatfield (bottom middle) - Melanie Hatfield is a Psychic Medium, Empath, and Healer. She works with the Arch Angel's, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides. She also reads energies and can tap into anyone living or passed.
Melanie was born with  her abilities and knew she was different at 4 years old.
She felt like an outcast and hid who she was from everyone. 6 years ago her dad, who was her best friend passed and became her Spirit Guide and a catalyst for her Spiritual awakening. She said he has helped her fully understand who she is and what she is here to do. 

2- TEXT OR CALL - 330-301-8610
3- PLEASE NOTE - If you cancel your reading appointment LESS than 24 hours prior, you WILL still be charged for your appointment.

****Readings are 25 minutes for $40.00 (CASH ONLY)
**** Fabulous wine and a full food menu will be available at Greene Eagle Winery, so come early or stay after your readings to enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of the winery with friends and family!!