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Joe Linert  recommends Greene Eagle Winery
May 29th 2022


Greene Eagle Winery has a wonderful home like feel, with a great selection of tasty wines, craft beer, and delicious food. The staff is awesome, friendly, and make you feel like family. Their outdoor setting is beautiful, quiet, and so relaxing. The owners are fantastic. This is my favorite Winery to frequently visit. I love Greene Eagle Winery.

  • Good selection

  • Great food

  • Large wine list

  • Knowledgeable staff

Faye  recommends Greene Eagle Winery
February 24th 2022

I love the winery. I have been going there about 10 years. It’s warm and cozy in the winter and everybody is happy and carefree in summer. It’s a place for everyone. Good food and good friends. Great service as always.

  • Good selection

    Knowledgeable staff

  • Perfect for parties

  • Rare wines

    Great food

  • Large wine list

    Friendly bartenders

  • Craft beer

  • Live music

Cindy   recommends Greene Eagle Winery.

February 13th 2022 

A great atmosphere! Food is great! The blackberry wine is excellent. Looking for a great place to relax and unwind this is the place.

Elizabeth  recommends Greene Eagle Winery.

January 29th 2021

Such a lovely, cozy winery! Love the fireplace. The Pinot noir was very good. Tacos were the special & hit the spot. We can’t wait to visit during patio season.

Mary  recommends Greene Eagle Winery.

November 13th 2021

Friendly staff good selection of sweet wine, good food. The singer was excellent

  • Good selection

Mark   recommends Greene Eagle Winery.

September 5th 2021

Good food and beverages, the staff was fun and the live music was good too!

Nancy  recommends Greene Eagle Winery.
August 13th 2021

This place just keeps getting better and better…love the wine and so many choices..and the food and service is fantastic…thankyou

Jerry  recommends Greene Eagle Winery

July 12th 2021

We consider ourselves charter members of
Greene Eagle and friends with the owners and creators of this magical winery - many thanks to
Keith and Dale Bliss for this home away from home

  • Great food

  • Large wine list

  • Friendly bartenders

  • Good selection

  • Perfect for parties

  • Live music

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